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20.09.2021 :: 80s Belgian Coldwave Act The Ultimate Dreamers Debut Video for "I Love You!?"
80s Belgian Coldwave Act The Ultimate Dreamers Debut Video for Picture it: Lessines, Belgium, mid-1980s. The once-vibrant city that saw the birth of surrealist artists such as René Magritte and Louis Scutenaire had crumbled into a musical desert. Three friends decided to create a band comprised of voice, bass guitar, and analogue synths, welcoming two more into the fold soon afterward.
Calling themselves The Ultimate Dreamers, the group were influenced by Belgian coldwave and British post-punk music, but the teenagers forged their own paths. Between 1986 and 1990, they wrote and self-recorded numerous tracks at home before calling it quits. The band's frigid, organic tones and melancholy melodies (often verging on the dissonant) serve as a backdrop for themes of raw dreams, distressed love, and social criticism. The result is reminiscent of The Neon Judgement, Section 25, Minimal Compact, and Trisomie 21.
Thirty years on, the recordings resurfaced during the Covid era, and they were brought to the ear of one Dimitri: the record label magnate behind Wool-E Discs. An album deal was immediately offered to the long-defunct band. The Ultimate Dreamers have been resurrected, including three original members and a new inductee, exhuming, resuscitating and enriching their repertoire with new creations. After selection and mastering, 11 tracks became Live Happily While Waiting For Death, out today.
"I Love You?!", the first single off the album, is a highly catchy and strange minimal synth and post-punk track. The video clip for the song takes imagery from the cult sexploitation film Olga's House of Shame.
Watch below:

Live Happily While Waiting For Death is out on October 1, 2021.
Order Here
Follow The Ultimate Dreamers:

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20.09.2021 :: JOAN AVANT :: Neues Album angekündigt
JOAN AVANT :: Neues Album angekündigt"Dies Irae" ist das neue Gothic-Werk von JOAN AVANT. JOAN AVANT stammt aus Dallas, Texas, und überschreitet Genregrenzen, die sie als Victorian Gothic Symphonic Rock umschreibt. Nach ihrem 2019er Debüt "Drown Ophelia" wird das neue Werk am 10. Dezember via [...] [AmbossMAG]

20.09.2021 :: BORKNAGAR :: Debütalbum wird neu veröffentlicht
BORKNAGAR :: Debütalbum wird neu veröffentlichtDie norwegischen Avantgarde Black Metaller BORKNAGAR freuen sich, eine ganz besondere Wiederveröffentlichung ihres selbstbetitelten Debütalbums "Borknagar" zum 25-jährigen Jubiläum anzukündigen, die am 12. November 2021 weltweit zum ersten Mal über den langjährigen Labelpartner der Band, Century Media Records, erscheinen wird. [...] [AmbossMAG]

20.09.2021 :: MOONSPELL :: Best Of "The Great Silver Eye"
MOONSPELL :: Best Of Am 24. September erscheint bei MDD Records eine Best-Of der Portugiesen MOONSPELL mit Schwerpunkt auf der Frühphase. facebook.com / facebook.com Tracklist 01. Wolfshade (A Werewolf Masquerade) 02. Vampiria 03. Alma Mater 04. Opium 05. Raven Claws 06. Full Moon Madness [...] [AmbossMAG]

20.09.2021 :: Johnson McCloud of The Blue Angel Lounge's New Album "The War is Over"
Johnson McCloud of The Blue Angel Lounge's New Album Why can't we let it go? Singer, producer, and elementary school teacher Nils Deweer, alias Johnson McCloud, ignites the question of purpose, understanding, and passion in 2021 Europe with The War Is Over. Deweer, formerly of the psychedelic underground giant Blue Angel Lounge, recorded his seventh album himself with his band Johnson McCloud & The Doobies.
Created during the pandemic, the album deals with the special circumstances and requirements of this time. During lockdown restrictions, Deweer had the opportunity to think about himself, his environment, interpersonal relationships and media self-portrayal to process these impressions on The War Is Over.
"In this regard, the title of the album can be interpreted in different ways," says Deweer. "On the one hand, this exudes euphoria, an anticipation of a new start together after the time of the Corona-related, cultural standstill. On the other hand, the exclamation can also be interpreted in terms of resignation or hopelessness. Like the current situation, the album fluctuates back and forth between both emotional states, but without wanting to commit itself entirely."
The album opens with the wistful Silent Fall, channeling the earnestness of Big Country. The track is followed by Unknown Night, rife with dreamy hooks and mid-90s reverie, reminiscent of The Lightning Seeds meets early Radiohead. Bottom Line takes the tempo to a slower-paced ballad, highlighted with unusual psychedelic elements; The Flawless and Nice takes a minimal approach, focusing on a gorgeous call and response layer vocal. Let Me Sleep continues this trend, really drawing from the Ian McCulloch school of songwriting here. This is repeated in The War Is Over, taking inspiration from the restrictions of Covid as well as The Velvet Underground and Lush: a heartfelt, straightforward ballad that packs a wallop of emotion. Bedhead verges more into early Britpop territory, with psychedelic guitar elements and emotive singing; the album closes with the expansive, optimistic beauty of Endless Summer, sounding at times like a lost Sonic Youth track.
Remixing and mastering for the album were done by Eroc (Grobschnitt). A documentary was filmed about the creative process in creating the album, which was featured in post-punk.com in June of 2021.
The War is Over is out now. Listen below:

Follow Johnson McCloud here:

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20.09.2021 :: Video der Woche: The Warning feat. Alessia Cara - Enter Sandman [kw38/2021]
Lyrics: Say your prayers, little one, don't forget, my sonTo include everyoneI tuck you in, warm within, keep you free from sinTil the sandman he comes Sleep with one eye openGripping your pillow tight Exit lightEnter nightTake my handWe're off to never never-land Something's wrong, shut the light, heavy thoughts tonightAnd they aren't Snow WhiteDreams [...]
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20.09.2021 :: Wow! SLOE PAUL are on tour again
Wow! SLOE PAUL are on tour againGeil, nach dem Januarrelease der herrlich treibenden Platte Remote von Sloe Paul kommt die Tour - Coroni machts (endlich) möglich! Aus der Indiebubble hervorgetreten ist der...
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20.09.2021 :: Trace Amount Collaborates with Qual to Create the Annihilating "Death Match"
Trace Amount Collaborates with Qual to Create the Annihilating The collaborative project between New York City-based producer, Trace Amount, and post-punk-cum-EBM mainstay, William Maybelline (under the name Qual and who is one-half of Lebanon Hanover), wreaks havoc on the new EP, Alien Dust. Ignited by slabs of sound that pummel and drill into the brain's cortex, the track "Death Match" is grimy and raw, an annihilation of industrial soundscapes. Trace Amount and Qual's EP sits somewhere between Nine Inch Nails' production and the severity of Hypnoskull's music, all while representing the new strain of industrial - much like Statiqbloom's endeavors. Watch the video for "Death Match" below:

Alien Dust is comprised of bursts of energy - compositions that are both ravenous and frenetic as "Death Match" clocks in at just over two minutes and the entire EP is just over ten minutes long. Trace Amount put together the mechanical rhythms and vocals in NYC while Qual worked remotely on the synthesized elements in Athens which made for a collaboration none of us knew we needed... until now.
Alien Dust will be out via the NYC-based electronic collective Faktor Music on October 29th.
FAK 006 - Alien Dust by Trace Amount + Qual
Trace Amount will hit the road this December for a string of dates alongside Black Magnet (20 Buck Spin).
12/15/21 - Brooklyn, NY @ Saint Vitus
12/16/21 - Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie
12/17/21 - Boston, MA @ Middle East Upstairs
12/18/21 - Cleveland, OH @ The Foundry
12/19/21 - Chicago, IL @ Reggies
12/20/21 - Indianapolis, IN @ Black Circle
Follow Trace Amount on Bandcamp and IG.
Follow Qual on Bandcamp and IG.
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20.09.2021 :: Lord Of The Lost: Jetzt eines der letzten Exemplare unser brandneuen Chronik s...
Lord Of The Lost: Jetzt eines der letzten Exemplare unser brandneuen Chronik s...Lord Of The Lost: Jetzt eines der letzten Exemplare unser brandneuen Chronik sichern! Jetzt auf Lager: Unsere große, komplett überarbeitete Lord Of The Lost-Chronik! Das edle Hardcoverbuch ist auf 499 handnummerierte Exemplare limitiert, hat über 300 Seiten (davon über 100 neu) und mehr als 40 zusätzliche exklusive Interviews sowie Konzertberichte, Rezensionen und unzählige rare und unveröffentlichte Fotos zu bieten - darunter auch Privataufnahmen! [Sonic Seducer]

20.09.2021 :: CD Review: Ryghär - Thurmecia Eternal
CD Review: Ryghär - Thurmecia EternalArtist: Ryghär
Title: Thurmecia Eternal
Genre: Epic Heavy Metal
Release Date: 23rd September 2021
Label: Rafchild Records [Reflections of Darkness]

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