12.07.2019 :: Interview: Foundry Records - July 2019
Interview: Foundry Records - July 2019Interview with

Stewart Craner & ZeN from Foundry Records (label)

It's been a decade now FOUNDRY RECORDS appeared in the music industry. Initially based in UK, the Digital Distribution Label ironically signed essentially acts from Australia, France, Sweden or Belgium. Being relocated in the US in 2011, FOUNDRY RECORDS operates now from Los Angeles via Stewart Craner, the founder of the label, and France, via ZeN of the band WAITING FOR WORDS and a joint venture with GoM PRODUCTION, a French artist management company, founded by 2 DJs, M@T and Golem XIII. Main acts distributed by the label are WAITING FOR WORDS, PEOPLE THEATRE, SHINY DARKNESS, ARACHNOPHOBIAS, MYSELFSON, BUZZ, PULSE, LYNCELIA and LIXIVIATH. [Reflections of Darkness]